Military Thurs

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With this game, you satisfy the desire of carnage and destruction. 32 weapons are available throughout the game to destroy all the enemy helicopters. Use the QSDZ to move, press Z three times to jump higher and use the left click of the mouse to aim and shoot.

Write the following code in the "players", "cheat" to unlock weapons and levels.
up up down down left right left right ba select start: all weapons.
Old Faithful: Chain gun.
Its a Jackal: Sniper.
This is my boomstick: Double gun.
Shrapnel: gun-barrel (flak).
Gloop: Goo gun.
Alpha Laser.
Gamma: Laser shotgun.
Call in artillery: Airstrike.
You are the moon master: Level select.
Missile launch detected: A-Bomb Launcher.
Ive got jungle fever, shes got jungle fever: Amazon Jungle.
Is not no mountain high enough: Canyon Lands.
Who rides the wrecking ball: Zones 4 and 5.
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